Casino News: $3M Payout, Nebraska Casinos, Chinese AI

Casino News: $3M Payout, Nebraska Casinos, Chinese AI This week’s casino news comes with a research the future as to how casinos might employ AI. Before we have to that story we will start with a bizarre story of an damage at Jack Casino. Woman Awarded $3 Million After Tripping On Wet Floor Sign At Jack Casino Casino patrons have gathered big winnings from your house before but we’ve hardly ever heard of tales like this. A female who fell on a collapsed ‘wet floor’ sign at Jack Casino was awarded $3 million by a Hamilton County jury as outcome of the spill. Lynda Sadowski suffered a kneecap that is broken needed metal equipment placed in her leg after falling on the indication. According to her lawyer, Sadowski’s mobility has worsened since her autumn and a 2nd surgery on the leg may be required. The casino argued in court that the damage was a total result of the woman’s failure to cover attention to her surroundings when she tripped on the indication, the jury disagreed with their place. While the woman will need certainly to cope with some pain that is ongoing the incident, she might not mind it nearly as much after the $3 million re payment she was granted. Decision On Casino Gambling In Nebraska May Be Left Up To Voters Supporters of legalised casinos in the state of Nebraska have launched a formal petition drive to move the problem to the ballot for 2020. The petition has backing that is financial the economic corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. The […]